Poland has consistently placed itself among the more corrupt countries of the Third World in the rankings of Transparency International. While even a superficial listing of the actions of the government of Poland that provide strong justification for those rankings would be too voluminous and beyond the scope of this site, we want to focus on the most visible events of corrupt, unethical, incompetent, or simply eccentric behavior that are related to its dealings with Polonia.

Longin PastusiakEdit

  • Longin Pastusiak, Marshal (Am. Speaker) of the Polish Senate, threw a tantrum and caused a scene while departing from a visit to Canada at the airport in Edmonton when asked (at the regular passenger screening checkpoint) to remove his shoes.

Aleksander KwasniewskiEdit

  • Aleksander Kwasniewski, President of Poland, ignored the diplomatic protocol when he and President George W. Bush met with the press during his visit to the White House in (?) and started arguing in broken English that "the future is no visa". To the uninformed reader: it was not a tirade against the eponymous credit card company, but an attempt to goad Bush to admit Poland to the Visa Waiver Program. See Visa waiver for Poland

Radek SikorskiEdit

  • Radek Sikorski, then Poland's Senator and Minister of Defense, neglected to report on his official Senate property declaration about three quarters of a million dollars (USD) obtained as proceeds from the sale of a house in the United States. For details see Radek Sikorski

Zbigniew ZiobroEdit

  • Zbigniew Ziobro, Poland's Minister of Justice, claimed that Poland had "unbeatable evidence" that Edward Mazur, a Polish American businessman, commissioned the murder of the chief of Poland's national police, Marek Papala. He personally intervened with the Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, pleading that it was "a matter of honor" to obtain Mazur's extradition. An American judge rejected Poland's extradition request for lack of probable cause, concluded that Poland staged a crucial identification line-up by a known perjurer, and called U.S. government's reliance on Poland's evidence "shocking and offensive". See also Extradition to Poland.

Andrzej CzumaEdit

  • Andrzej Czuma, Poland's Minister of Justice, was sued numerous times for avoiding paying contractual obligations and fees for medical services when he was a resident of the United States.