The School for LeadersEdit

The School for Leaders for the Polish Community Abroad is addressed to socially active representatives of the Polish communities in the United States and Canada.[2]

Cracoviak suitEdit

See, I signed up for this stupid leadership course in Poland. Your grandma was Polish and I

just thought I’ll see the place she came from and I’ll have a free vacation in Poland. They paid for everything. But now, I guess, it’s time to pay for my stupidity. Nothing’s free. [3]

Polish American CongressEdit

Role of Polish American Congress in NATO Enlargement


Quite often an unsuspecting reader would stumble upon a fake polonian site and wouldn't recognize it for what it is - a mole of a Warsaw V-th column. I am not saying that all links below lead to the moles - I am stating THAT IS REALLY HARD TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN sites taking name Polonia in vain and the real Polonian sites. I am calling for writing a guide to polonian sites: real and fake. [1]

References Edit

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