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The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a platform for collecting information of importance to the English-speaking expatriate community of Polish ancestry, Polonia. In particular the information that is not available from other sources because it may be inconvenient to the established organizations influenced or controlled by the government of Poland or special business interests.


While Independent Polonia cultivates attachment and affection toward the positive aspects and genuine accomplishments of the culture of the Old Country, such attachment and affection do not automatically extend to every idea and development originating from Poland. To the contrary, Poland's disappointing progress towards becoming an established Western democracy and the eccentricity and alienation of its political and cultural elites from bona fide Western values represent to educated and successful Polonia a source of constant embarrassment. To avoid "guilt by association", Polonia needs to distance itself from the most egregious continuing displays of Poland's Communist and Soviet legacies, let alone can it allow itself to become recruited by Poland to assist its government in many of its hare-brained international initiatives. Moreover, it is Polonia's duty to our home countries to help them expose and debunk the duplicity and the self-serving character of Poland's actions. This motivation is additionally strengthened by Poland's stabbing Polonia in the back with its refusal to recognize our legal citizenships and treating us solely as Polish citizens, in full administrative allegiance to one of the most corrupt bureaucracies in Europe.


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Radek Sikorski
Sikorski became notorious among Polonia as the major architect and promoter of the "passport trap" policy when he was the deputy minister of foreign affairs (1998-2001) in the Jerzy Buzek government (with Bronislaw Geremek as foreign minister).

Passport trap
"Passport trap" is the name used by Polonia to refer to the policy initiated by the government of Poland in the late 1990's to demand a Polish passport from departing citizens of the United States, Canada, and Australia whose Polish ancestry was evident through a Polish-sounding last name.

Stary Wiarus
Stary Wiarus (Polish for "old veteran") is the pen name of an Internet essayist and commentator focusing on the issues of Polonia's relationship with Poland and Poland's (not very successful) attempts to transform itself into a more Western society.